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Entertainment is big business - from band tours to e-Sport, from club nights to film premieres, from video gaming to character merchandise – the messages change but the key medium stays the same, textiles rule!

Whatever the style, from basic to fashion forward, the superior fabrics of all B&C Collection styles guarantee quality and perfect printability.

The wide choice of fashionable B&C Duo Concept styles, with tailored fits for men and women in an extended colour range will help you find the perfect match for any occasion, from roadie uniforms to trendiest band merchandise.

B&C’s pan-European coverage guarantees availability and quick delivery, whilst stringent quality controls ensure total consistency – of quality, styling and colour. This means that you can be confident that each repeat order will be identical, whatever the timeframe.



Whether it’s a sponsored club night, an outdoor music festival or a traditional concert, there are staff teams from hosts to catering, who need comfortable, functional clothing whose style reflects the spirit of the event.

B&C Collection brings you a range of T-shirts, polo shirts, shirts, sweatshirts and jackets specifically tailored to meet the needs of these teams, whilst ensuring that your brand, event or message has the best visibility.

The wide range of tops can dress-up a bar team with elegant shirts or timeless polo shirts, protect festival hosts with lightweight jackets and make sure security staff stand out thanks to perfectly printable styles, for indoor and outdoor wear.

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All made from quality fabrics which ensure both wearer comfort and perfect decoration outcomes, there’s the perfect style to make your party rock!

Wide choice of styles to meet the needs of different teams // Broad colour range to match your identity // Consistent matching colours across styles and ranges // Quality, great to wear fabrics // Perfect for printing and embroidery // Style, style and style // B&C Duo Concept, to suit every team // Availability and quick delivery



Bands, music festivals, shows and events, films, TV-shows and video games all have committed fans and followers keen for memorabilia and branded merchandise.

T-shirts, sweatshirts and lightweight jackets are the support of choice for these often iconic designs, where style is also key to ensure consumer appeal.

B&C Collection’s 44 T-shirts, 22 polo shirts, 19 sweatshirts and 35 jackets offer a wide choice of styles, from classic to fashion forward, designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding Merchandising & Licensing brief:

Perfect for printing and embroidery // Durable quality // Wide choice of styles and colours to match your identity // Consistent matching colours across ranges // B&C Duo Concept, tailored for men and women // Availability and quick delivery // Consistency of styles and colours over time for your repeat orders

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