Associations, Federations & Clubs

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Are you working for an association, a federation, a club or a group of people that defends a good cause, that raises awareness on sustainability, that helps develop educational projects abroad… or any other kind of cause and program?

To make your project viable and financially helping your mission, you need to find ways of raising funds. Selling branded products or merchandise can be a valuable source of income for your organisation.

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The perfect fundraiser is durable, useful, collectible and must fit to your mission. Make it cool and adapted to your target audience.

B&C Collection proposes high quality styles, easy to decorate, in a large palette of colours and sizes to support your actions. Thanks to B&C stock levels and quality controls, you can replenish quickly being sure the colours and sizes are identical from one order to the next.

  • Availability and quick delivery
  • Perfect printability
  • Durable quality
  • Consistent matching colours
  • Wide colour and size choice to fit your audience



You belong to a club of people sharing the same passion, you are proud of it and want to come out with your colours! More than ever belonging to a group seems essential to you to give more impact to your message. This is also true for the visibility of your organisation, whether it’s a non-profit or not; your teams need to be recognisable while working during your different actions.

All our great quality styles are designed to deliver perfect surface for decoration. Just like you’ll never let down your cause or your passion, B&C Collection will not let you down for your actions!

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B&C Collection brings you a range of T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts and jackets in a wide range of shades and sizes to ensure your group or organisation and its new members are dressed the same in fits and colours. Our commitment to offer you high quality garments is guaranteed by our Fair Wear Foundation membership and Oeko-Tex® certifications.

  • Wide selection of looks, styles, ranges, colours and sizes to please all your members
  • Consistent matching colours across styles and ranges and over time
  • Availability and quick delivery
  • Perfect printability
  • Durable quality
  • B&C Duo Concept, tailored for men and women

You can also rely on B&C’s pan-European coverage to guarantee availability and quick delivery, whilst stringent quality controls ensure total consistency – of quality, styling and colour. This means that you can be confident that each repeat order will be identical, whatever the timeframe.