We live in a competitive business environment, where first impressions are often lasting impressions. Giving those people who deliver that first contact with your company the right look is key in making sure that they immediately communicate the right image for your business.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect complement to the day-to-day uniforms of your sales teams and reception staff or team uniforms for corporate events we have it covered. From the elegance of the B&C-The Shirt Culture collection, to classic cut polo shirts and smart, functional jackets, we have the styles that will give your teams a professional look in any business situation. Your employees will feel good about how they look, giving them the confidence to deliver that perfect first impression.

B&C’s pan-European coverage guarantees availability and quick delivery, whilst stringent quality controls ensure total consistency – of quality, styling and colour. This means that you can be confident that each repeat order will be identical, whatever the timeframe.