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A selection of printed materials that you can consult directly online. Please select what you need from the available downloads.
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Social Media Resources

If you’re looking for an easy way to boost your presence on social media you’re in the right place. All B&C’s latest social media posts are here, ready for you to download and share on your social platforms – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. Images and copy for individual styles, selected lines, full ranges or themes. 

Just select a post, click to download the resources and get sharing!

Style & Fit

Do you often wonder how B&C styles really fit? We have the solution for you and your customers. Check our “Style and fit” videos. 20 seconds to discover our styles in motion.

No doubt anymore, you will exactly know how they fit and will help the selection with your customer.

Private Room

Get exclusive access to B&C marketing resource and easily download our latest images, style information for online or offline use.

Customise it

Make a B&C garment mockup in seconds. Upload your logo or the one of your customer and display it on any of our styles in the colour of your choice.

Printability: Easy Access

To ease your job and to let you focus on your creativity and craftsmanship quality, all styles of the B&C Outerwear Unit are equipped with hidden entries to give easy access for decoration. 
The hidden zips located in different areas on the jacket will help you reach many areas to decorate fully your B&C jacket (front, back and sleeves).

Discover those hidden zips >>

Printability Testimonial

Experts have been testing B&C quality through different decoration techniques.

They were looking for the limits of the fabric and have tested detailed motifs as well as big flat tints or bright multicolour designs. 
Water based, discharge, plastisol screen printing, DTG (Direct To Garment), embroidery, sublimation… whatever the technique on the B&C styles, the results are amazing!

"How to ?" The Website Guide

The NEW B&C Website gives you in-depth content and info about the B&C Collection. It also offers powerful online tools & features to support your business.



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