B&C Organic and Organic In Conversion Sweatshirts

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Hi, I'm Organic and Organic In Conversion! I’m The conscious sweatshirt, I’m trendy, I’m available in 20 fascinating colours, I’m super soft and exceptionally printable. I’m “sustainability addicts approved”.

Available in Crew Neck, Hooded and Zipped Hood version, I’m available for men and women, in perfect duo.

The colours

Those trendy B&C Organic & Organic In Conversion sweatshirts with retail fashion oriented look & feel are available in up to FASCINATING 20 colours, for men and women, for a perfect duo.

The Fabric

Made of 80% ring-spun combed Cotton - Organic, OCS and Organic In Conversion, certified blend (5% OCS Organically grown cotton) and 20% Recycled Polyester, the B&C Organic and Organic In Conversion Sweatshirt Line is resistant and has an ultra-soft handfeel. The outer surface is 100% Organic and Organic In Conversion Cotton.

Our engagement for a more sustainable garment industry made us decide to use Organic OCS certified cotton, certified Organic In Conversion Cotton and RCS certified polyester.

For instance: Same cotton T-shirt. One uses cotton that consumes 91% less water.

Interesting fact:

Each B&C Inspire_° sweatshirt recycles 5 plastic bottles of 1.5L.


Quality is important to us and so for your customers.

The B&C Inspire_° Sweatshirts are:

  • certified Organic In Conversion cotton
  • OCS certified for their organic cotton content (5%)
  • RCS certified for their recycled polyester content
  • STANDARD100 by Oeko-Tex certified
  • PETA-approved, like the whole B&C collection.

Printability Excellence

The very smooth and soft 100% Cotton faced surface of this line is perfect for premium printing results. The fabric has been tested and approved for all printing techniques applicable on Cotton.

Look at which results you can get and make sure to have a huge impact with an Organic and Organic In Conversion sweatshirt!



The B&C Inspire_° Sweatshirts have no brand label located in the collar and, to make your life easier, a size chip only. To optimise efficiency when sorting your B&C garments, we differentiated men/unisex and women styles. For men and unisex styles, size chip is black when for women it is white. This Easy Branding solution allows you to complete the customisation of your B&C garment.

Thanks to the B&C No Label solution, the UNIQUE and fully personalised line you are dreaming of is already waiting for you.

To enable you to follow all EU regulations, the composition label (complying with mandatory information and EU languages rules) is located on the left side seam of the style.



Today with B&C inspired tomorrow_°, you can choose from 28 more sustainable styles over 3 ranges - T-shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts to cover any actions with an edge of consciousness.

Together, let’s inspire the market.


B&C Organic and Organic In Conversion Sweatshirts